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State of the Art Technology
Made in the USA

We use only the latest technology for preservation for the best in long-term, permanent, decomposition-resisting chemicals. These insure that your dearly departed can remain in a dense state of compacted memorial that will outlive not only your own memory of him or her but that of many future generations.

Our state of the art 400 ton hydraulic press insures the greatest compression of your loved one, in compliance with all Federal standards, with the bare minimum of seam extrusion.

Never outsourced

Many of our competitors outsource their production out of country, to places like Mexico and Canada, where the compacting of loved ones is not taken seriously or regulated by any real standards, even the international guidelines and standards outlined in the Compacting Consortium of 2004 all too often go ignored.

We take quality compacting seriously

We comply by every standard of the consortium, and always permit regulators to audit our facilities with as little as a 21 day written notice and no more than three certified staff members to accompany them.

400 tons of pressure makes it better

Our state of the art hydraulic machines are adapted from the 400 ton, four column, GE 1933-01 Punch Press machines from Solid Georgia Salvage and Recompense Corp, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlantic Transit Corp. This converted machine was originally developed for stamping huge tools for a mining camp in Nothern Canada and is manufactured to the highest standards and tolerances

Our patented system of filters and hydro-extractors has always been the leader in industry compaction and preservation, which makes it the clear choice for body compression, reduction and liquifactious-deminution.

We are sorry if these, our thirty thousand tons of mortal tamping has come to you at an inopportune time, but these are random matters and we apologize sincerely for your great loss. We wish the very best for you and the ones you love the most, even inasmuch as those are the ones condensed to the most reduced displacement factor. We wish no offense and are not suggesting any affront.

Our engineer seen here calibrating our press before compacting an indivdual

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