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We offer a wide variety of tasteful monuments
We offer a variety of mantle keepsakes for collection, as it pertains to the perfectly compacted remains of your loved ones. Sure, we remove the liquid from your loved one, but no more than a neck slashing or blood letting would afford. If your grandpa or grandma had been slain, savagely beaten, or pump pummeled nigh unto oblivion, they'd still be thusly vacated of fluids, so our methods are not in contradiction of the requirements of most religions.

Our state of the art methods of compacting utilize the latest technology in compaction and dehydration preservative treatments. If you go with out competitors, whose name we will not state, you will not only devalue your best postmortem planning’s, but also defile the very immortal souls of your departed loved ones. Our machinery is cutting edge, and unlike our competitors, does not extrude tissue and organs from the seams, but rather conserves the lasting bits, kibbles and tids of bit unto the edges of our patented, twenty-ton press machinery.

Whether you wish to bury your cuboidal parcel of loved one, or simply keep it as an ornament on the mantle, we have a package that is sure to be just right for you. Choose from our tidy, pine, burial box, the attractive brass or marble textured keepsake cube, or the artisan quality, decorative glass boxes for the permanent storage of your loved one to last a lifetime.

Here are some samples of our recented compactions used with permission of the family of the deceased showing some of the shapes and textures available:

A Family of Four


The Rounder

New Age

We here at Compacted Dignity are always working to offer more alternatives to satisfy any taste and budget. For those customers who want to be remembered as they were in life, we can now reduce them to a actual size, accurate representation of them as they lived as shown above. This process is quite involved but as you can see, the final product is well worth it.

First our artists will meet with the family and ask for photos and videos of the deceased and interview immediate family to get a feel for their particular tastes and needs and get an idea as to how they want to remember the individual.

Once he is on track, he will then sketch several rough drafts for family selection and approval.

After the family has approved the design the artist will design the metal molds required to make the final product. Once the molds are recieved the remains of the body will be processed, extruded, heat treated and infused with a polyeurothane and epoxy resin as well as our own proprietary preservatives to be forced into the mold at high pressure while being superheated to insure perfect form.

Once the molding process is finished, the product is then painted and when possible the actual hair is used to recreate the individual as seen above.

The final result as you can see is quite impressive and worth the money to those who can afford the best.
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