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Frequently Asked Questions
You may have a number of questions that need to be answered before determining that compacting is the decision your dearly departed would have chosen for themselves.

Is this Kosher?

Not inasmuch as we have a rabbi onsite during the compacting process, but there is nothing specific in the religious works that strictly forbids compaction. Though the fluids may be gone, the body remains.

Is this Halal?

From our experience, nothing is halal, not even things that are kosher, which is literally the exact same thing.

Who chooses compacting?

A growing number of people are selecting compacting over other methods of memorial. The costs leave more for revenue in the estate, the body preservation is vastly improved, and the memorial opportunities are better than offered by any method.

Can a 200 pound person really be compacted to mantle-size?

The majority of the weight of the human body comes from water, and water is the primary thing that we remove while pressing the body from almost every last drop, while preserving the carbon remnants of grandma, grandpa or any other deceased loved one.

Why is this better than traditional burial?

Burial plots can cost thousands of dollars, with headstones costing that much more again. Once your departed is interred, you'll face a lifetime of maintenance fees, and all for a memorial in a depressing, inconvenient place few will visit more than once or twice. By compacting your loved one into a tidy, tiny cube, you'll save money up front, save money over time, and always have the memory, and body, of your loved one on hand for every special occasion.

Why is this better than cremation?

Not only is cremation forbidden by many religions, it's also a terrible end for the one you loved the most. Regardless of what your mother, father or grandparent might have said, nobody wants to be thrown in an oven set to "clean" and left until all that's left is a pile of ash and the odd titanium plate or two. Let's face it, though inexpensive, cremation is a creepy way to go, and keeping an urn around the house is strange, and potentially messy, should it face a tipping over. Compacting is not only affordable, it's less frightening and a better means of preservation.

Do you offer services for pets?

We do offer pet compaction, and our rates are offered by the pound. Cats and toy dogs are loyal pets, but in the afterlife, they're also an exceptional bargain. For complete details on pet compaction, please contact one of our sales representatives for patient, caring assistance.

Is your equipment ISO-9001 compliant?

Our state of the art press and filter system not only insures that the remains will be reduced to the minimum cubic displacement, but also insures that only pure-filtered water will be extruded. Our equipment is so advanced that what fluids egress the sieve channel are so pure that they are of drinking quality. Don't worry, no one drinks the water, of course, but that's how efficient the systems are, with compassion.
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